Lavarel is a PHP web application framework which follows the model-view-controller pattern. It was created by Taylor Otwell and released initially in 2011. It features its own templating system, a packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager and a range of utilities to aid server deployment.

Lavarel is considered to be the most popular PHP framework as of writing, and is also the most watched PHP project on GitHub. The framework was created as a more feature rich alternative to existing PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter which lacked support for various requirements such as user authentications and authorization.

The system is currently on its 5th version, Lavaer 5 being released in February 2015. This latest iteration brings new features and upgrades to existing ones, such as support for scheduling periodically executed tasks using "Scheduler", "Flysystem" for remote storage, handling of package assets with "Elixir" and further development external authorization with "Socialite"


The following features serve as Laravel's key design points

Artisan CLI

Artisan is the Laravel's command-line interface (CLI), initially introduced in Laravel 3 with a limited set of capabilities. Laravel's later migration to a Composer-based architecture allowed Artisan to incorporate different components from the Symfony framework, resulting in an enriched feature set of Artisan features in Laravel 4.

Through the artisan command-line utility, Artisan provides various capabilities that aid in managing and building Laravel applications. Available through different artisan commands, its common uses include managing database migrations and seeding, publishing package assets, and generating boilerplate code for new controllers and migrations, which frees the developer from creating proper code skeletons. Furthermore, Artisan allows the developer to further expand its capabilities by implementing new commands.

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