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How to get on the front page of Google in 24 hours - a case study from our Cornwall SEO agency

How to get on the front page of Google in 24 hours - a case study from our Cornwall SEO agency

We were approached by a London-based client who was concerned that their existing website was not effective in delivering value in terms of traffic or conversions, due to its poor search ranking on popular search engines.

After undertaking a thorough assessment of all aspects of the website, we were able to provide the client with a report outlining the shortcomings of the website, in terms of both user experience and search engine management.

The main points to take account of were:

  • The site was a single page scroller type, running on a javascript framework. Whilst this gave it a snappy, modern feel, it was being indexed by google and other search engines as a single page, where ideally the information contained on the website needed to be expanded and spread over several pages.
  • The URLs where of the format , rather than the more user and search engine friendly
  • Numerous links on the site lead users to leave the site, for example when seeking directions to the business addresses.
  • Lack of mobile-friendly css layout for phones and tablets - always bear in mind 60% of your web audience will be using these devices.

We advised a plan of action, and after a period of reflection, the client gave the go ahead to the changes we recommended, and enthusiastically produced substantial amounts of relevant and informative content.

With changes to the site layout to allow it correct resizing on mobile phones and tablets, user and search friendly page titles and browser URLS, the results were instant and spectacular.

Within 24 hours of the new site being launched, it was visible on the front page of Google for several of our target search terms.

After 48 hours, it had the second placed result for one of our search terms. With continued support including a full analytics package to allow us to fine tune user experience and search metrics, we are confident the new site will significantly improve traffic and conversions for the business owners.

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