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Websites For Business

Our focus is on providing websites that will grow your business. Over 10 years experience allows us to combine a deep knowledge of application coding, user experience and search engine optimization to ensure your website will deliver the maximum return on investment.

As the number of mobile and tablet internet users overtakes the desktop standard, our websites are compatible with all display formats currently in use. We use whatever tools are best suited for the job, with the emphasis on simplicity and robust functioning. We won't bamboozle you with techno-jargon (HTML5, Ruby on Rails, PHP5, Node.js - who cares? If you know what all that means, send us a CV...) but will provide websites that load quickly, are easily found by search engines and can, if required be updated by any user with basic word processing skills.

When we say "easily found by search engines", we mean it. We want every website we are involved with to appear on the front page of Google and other search engines, for your niche relevant search terms. There is absolutely no point in having a beautifully designed product that no-one will see...

A website with the top ranked result on Google will be viewed by up to 40% of users entering a search phrase.

The website at the bottom of the same google results page will get 1-2% of users.

Thats the difference between getting a very reasonable 1000 hits per day, and only 25.

If you have a conversion rate of 2%, the top site gets 20 sales/enquires/sign-ups per day, while the bottom site gets virtually none.

We design our websites from a reverse engineered perspective. Our first consideration when working with a client is not about fonts, logos and colour schemes, but "What do we have to do to get this website a front page search result?" .From there, we let design follow function.

Websites for Mobiles

We belive in future proofing so all our websites are designed from a mobile-first view point, because:

Content Management Sytems

Would you like to have the freedom to update your website yourself? Change the content of your website pages, text, images, videos, and audio? Perhaps manage an online booking system for your hospitality business or build a relationship with your audience through blogging? Modern content management systems allow you full control of your website structure while only needing a basic level of technical knowledge. We build using the most popular system in current use, Wordpress - and we can also manage sites built with any other software.

E-Commerce - Selling stuff online!

Just becoause you have an online shop doesn't mean you will shift your product. If you're ready to move beyond the confines of ebay, we can implement a practical and affordable e-commerce solution for any small or medium sized business, with the ability to harvest detailed data on user behaviours, search funnels and conversion goals utilising all the features of associated Google Adwords/Analytics campaigns and other proprietory software.
We are specialists in Magento CMS, managing business websites that retail over 10,000 product lines while at the other end of the scale we can provide a simple Wordpress based site with multiple add-on functionalities for hospitality booking or the smaller retail business.

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